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Don’t Fall For Immigration Scams!

Don’t Fall For Immigration Scams!

  • May 12, 2017

  Scammers are constantly finding new ways to defraud people. Because U.S. immigration is complicated and in high demand, it’s prime material for fraudsters, who hope they can trick people…

Know Your Rights: Immigrants In The Workplace

Know Your Rights: Immigrants in the Workplace

  • April 28, 2017

In solidarity with the May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights, our newsletter this week will focus on the rights of immigrants at work. Read more here... En solidaridad…

DACA: Current Status & Options

DACA: Current Status & Options

  • March 20, 2017

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is still available and the government is still accepting and approving DACA initial and renewal applications. Read more here... El programa de…

Moving Forward In Difficult Times

Moving Forward in Difficult Times

  • January 23, 2017

  This is a very challenging time for our country. We have seen a lot of rhetoric and acts of hatred, anger and discrimination leading up to and following the…

Happy Holidays! ¡Felices Fiestas!

Happy Holidays! ¡Felices Fiestas!

  • December 9, 2016

Happy Holidays! The end of the year is approaching fast. Donald Trump will be sworn in as president on January 20th. Global Law Advocates continues to monitor the potential changes…

Voter Registration For U.S. Citizens

Voter Registration for U.S. Citizens

  • September 26, 2016

All U.S. citizens are eligible to register and vote in the election—this includes naturalized U.S. citizens. Here is some general information about how to make sure you are registered and…

Parole In Place

Parole in Place

  • September 14, 2016

Elena grew up in Mexico. In her early twenties, she was in an abusive relationship, and eventually decided that her best option to escape was to come to the U.S.…

UNDOCUMENTED, una obra de teatro de Margaret O’Donnell

  • August 29, 2016

UNDOCUMENTED, escrita por la abogada de inmigración de Seattle Margaret O’Donnell, mira las realidades enfrentadas por una familia inmigrante en Seattle, llevada a la atención del publico después de que…